Pushing a Container to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR) and Pulling it from OKE

OCIR is a Docker v2 compliant private registry provided by Oracle in their OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) offering.

Let’s have a look at it.

First log in to the repository this way: docker login <region-code>.ocir.io, where <region-code> is documented here.

Then, you’ll need a user/password.

For the user, provide an existing user in the OCI tenancy.  Use the following format: <ocir namespace>/<username>

For the password you must create an OAuth token as follows:

Now you can log in the registry:

docker login fra.ocir.io
Username: fr......ng/tdmin
Login Succeeded

Now you can push a local image to the registry:

docker images
docker tag myweblogic fra.ocir.io/telefonicacloud2/atrepo/weblogic
docker push fra.ocir.io/telefonicacloud2/atrepo/weblogic

Now, for pulling the image from k8s we need a secret, let’s create one:

kubectl create secret docker-registry mycredential --docker-username=tlfnccld2/tdmn --docker-password='-obyChBtururubJ<)O5z_fHcQI' --docker-server=fra.ocir.io

Now we can create a deployment and reference the credential in the yaml as follows:

      - image: fra.ocir.io/tlfnccld2/atrepo/weblogic:latest
        name: orcldb
        - containerPort: 1521
          name: orcldb
        - name: data
          mountPath: /ORCL
        - name: mycredential

You can find a complete example here.

Enjoy 🙂

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