Install Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (aka ODIPC) ODI Agent in an Oracle Cloud DB System

Let’s go ahead:

  • From the ODICP portal download the agent:


  • ssh to the database node
  • sudo su – oracle
  • unzip
  • Issue the following command (what we are doing now is downloading the SSL certificate of the ODIPC cloud service and importing in cacerts):
openssl s_client -showcerts -connect <odipcservernameurl>:443 </dev/null 2>/dev/null|openssl x509 -outform PEM > adipcocporaclecloudcom.crt

such as:

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect </dev/null 2>/dev/null|openssl x509 -outform PEM >mycertfile.pem
  • And now this command:
/u01/app/ -import -alias adipcocporaclecloudcom -keystore /u01/app/ -file adipcocporaclecloudcom.crt

[you’ll be prompted for a password, it is changeit]

  • Now go to the Cloud Dashboard and grab the url of the IDCS service, such as:



So far, so good…

Now we need to create an IDCS application, so go to IDCS Console/Applications section:


Add a new application of type Confidential Application, and give it a name:


Now configure the following in the Client Configuration section:


Then in Allowed Scopes click [Add] and select from the pop-up dialog the name of the ODIPC instance service you created:


Grab the value of the Allowed Scope for later and finish the wizard:


You’ll be shown a pop-up dialog with the clientid and secret of the Application. If you miss it don´t worry, you can get it again going to the General Information section, gain grab both values for later:


Now is time to execute the installer providing all the values gathered before, this is what we have so far:

[oracle@db dicloud]$ pwd
[oracle@db dicloud]$ ll
total 16
-rw-r--r-- 1 oracle oinstall 2264 Nov 23 00:21 adipcocporaclecloudcom.crt
drwxr-xr-x 3 oracle oinstall 4096 Aug 31 00:56 agent
-rwxr-x--- 1 oracle oinstall 1001 Aug 31 00:45
-rwxr-x--- 1 oracle oinstall  358 Aug 31 00:45
[oracle@db dicloud]$ export JAVA_HOME=/u01/app/
[oracle@db dicloud]$ 
[oracle@db dicloud]$ ./ 
2018-11-23 01:04:07.066 INFO [oracle.dicloud.agent.core.GGCCAgentInstallation] (oracle.dicloud.agent.core.GGCCAgentInstallation handleCreateInstance) Creating agent instance home at :/home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001 
2018-11-23 01:04:07.094 INFO [oracle.dicloud.agent.core.GGCCAgentInstallation] (oracle.dicloud.agent.core.GGCCAgentInstallation handleCreateInstance) Agent instance home created successfully at :/home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001 
Enter DICLOUD Service Host
Enter DICLOUD Service Port :443
Enter IDCS server URL : 
Enter agent IDCS Client scope :
2018-11-23 01:04:40.187 INFO [oracle.jps.common] ( start) Jps initializing. 
2018-11-23 01:04:44.212 INFO [oracle.jps.common] ( start) Jps started. 
Enter agent IDCS Client Id : 712e73eqtden6c4849004
Enter agent IDCS Client Secret : 
2018-11-23 01:05:05.790 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.AgentDeployer buildAgentPropertiesFromTemplate) SSL is configured with default JDK Trust store here : /u01/app/ 
2018-11-23 01:05:05.794 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.AgentDeployer buildAgentPropertiesFromTemplate) Default Trust-store was configured using default trust store unlock password. 
2018-11-23 01:05:05.797 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.AgentDeployer buildAgentPropertiesFromTemplate) Need to change 'agentTrustStorePath' property in for using a different Trust-store 
2018-11-23 01:05:05.799 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.AgentDeployer buildAgentPropertiesFromTemplate) Use utility to add the Trust-store unlock password to agent wallet. 
Enter password:
Confirm password:
2018-11-23 01:05:34.289 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.AgentDeployer captureOdiCredentailsIfRequired) captureOdiCredentials ... Completed. 
2018-11-23 01:05:34.683 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.AgentDeployer captureOdiCredentailsIfRequired) captureOdiCredentials ... Completed. 
2018-11-23 01:05:34.688 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.DICloudAgentLifeCycleManager main) Agent Instance successfully created at : /home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001 
2018-11-23 01:05:34.689 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.DICloudAgentLifeCycleManager main) Start the agent using this startAgentInstance(.sh/.bat) script in : /home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001/bin 
2018-11-23 01:05:34.690 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.DICloudAgentLifeCycleManager main) Stop the agent using this stopAgentInstance (.sh/.bat) script in : /home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001/bin 
2018-11-23 01:05:34.692 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.DICloudAgentLifeCycleManager main) Agent configuration properties file is available at : /home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001/conf/ 
2018-11-23 01:05:34.693 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.DICloudAgentLifeCycleManager main) Refer the configuration file for more information on agent configuration. 
2018-11-23 01:05:34.694 INFO [global] (oracle.dicloud.agent.deployment.DICloudAgentLifeCycleManager main) If agent properties are edited then restart the agent for changes to take affect. 
checking if this is odiRemote setup or not...
Local DIPC agent setup mode. Hence, ignoring ODI set-up
[oracle@db dicloud]$ 

Let's start the agen for the first time:

[oracle@db dicloud]$ agent/dipcagent001/bin/ 
AGENT_HOME : /home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001/bin/../../oracle
2018-11-23 01:09:05.650:INFO::main: Logging initialized @1773ms
2018-11-23 01:09:06.078:INFO:oejs.Server:main: jetty-9.3.12.v20160915
2018-11-23 01:09:06.272:INFO:oejsh.ContextHandler:main: Started o.e.j.s.ServletContextHandler@6ca8564a{/dicloud,null,AVAILABLE}
2018-11-23 01:09:06.317:INFO:oejs.AbstractConnector:main: Started ServerConnector@718b8b0e{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{localhost:7005}
2018-11-23 01:09:06.321:INFO:oejs.Server:main: Started @2447ms
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.apache.http.client.protocol.RequestAddCookies).
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
log4j:WARN See for more info.
2018-11-23 01:09:16.190 NOTIFICATION GGCC-20071: Successfully verified basic connectivity to server.
2018-11-23 01:09:16.197 NOTIFICATION ID file NOT found in : /home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001/conf/diaid Registering the agent...
2018-11-23 01:09:16.197 NOTIFICATION Building agent registration data ... 
2018-11-23 01:09:16.206 NOTIFICATION Building agent registration data ... ... AgentRegData [, port=7005, agentVersion=18.3.5-SNAPSHOT, instanceName=dipcagent001, agentId=null, properties={goldenGateHost=localhost, goldenGatePort=7809, serverConnCheckIntervalSecs=10, ggCoreVersion=V_12_3_0, agentManagedBy=ONPREMISE, agentPlatform=Linux, agentUseSSL=true, agentTrustStorePath=/u01/app/, agentInstanceInstallLocation=/home/oracle/dicloud/agent/dipcagent001,, agentConnectors=CONN,ODI}]
2018-11-23 01:09:17.079 NOTIFICATION Registration post response : InboundJaxrsResponse{context=ClientResponse{method=POST, uri=, status=200, reason=OK}}
2018-11-23 01:09:17.120 NOTIFICATION Agent Registration status : REGISTERED
2018-11-23 01:09:17.122 NOTIFICATION AgentIdentification ... Done. agentID: ec55e634-4ac1-4556-a877-7186a1c78149
2018-11-23 01:09:17.256 NOTIFICATION Successfully registered this agent for message subscription
ODIPlugin was not started as it was not configured
If this is Remote/On-Prem agent requires ODI, Run config script first


Yes, there it is!










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