Configuring backup storage in Oracle Database Cloud Service

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Latest releases of the DBCS service have changes in the way the backup configuration should be set.

Prior to creating the DBS instance prepare the following:

  • Log in OCI (gen2) user interface with a <user>, create a bucket in the object storage section and write down the name you gave as <bucketname>
  • obtain the name of the storage namespace bucket with the following command(you need OCI CLI installed but note that it is the same as identity domain name) as <namespace>:
    $ oci os ns get
    "data": "txlxfxnxcxclxxd2"
  • Construct an URL this way as <url>:
  • https://swiftobjectstorage.<region><namespace>/<bucketname>
    such as
  • Go to the Identity>Users section of the OCU user interface and, in the Auth Tokens section, create a token giving it a name and then copy the value generated as <password> [Note: user must belong to Administrators group]

Configure the backup with the values obtained previously and that’s it!

Enjoy 🙂

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