Installing Jenkins X on Oracle Kubernetes Engine (aka OKE)

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First, install this tool in local:

brew tap jenkins-x/jx 
brew install jx

Check here for installing the tool in other OS’s than MAC. And now issue this command to deploy on the k8s cluster of the oracle provider (oke):

jx install --provider=oke

Follow instructions and  command prompts and you’ll get them’all stuff installed if a few minutes:

MacBook-Pro-de-javi:~ javiermugueta$ jx install --provider=oke
Error loading team settings. Unable to locate dev environment resource definition in namespace default, No Environment called: dev or with selector: env=dev found 0 entries: []
If you don't have a wildcard DNS setup then setup a new CNAME and point it at: then use the DNS domain in the next input...
? Domain
nginx ingress controller installed and configured
Lets set up a Git username and API token to be able to perform CI/CD
? GitHub user name: javiermugueta
To be able to create a repository on GitHub we need an API Token
Please click this URL,read:user,read:org,user:email,write:repo_hook,delete_repo
Then COPY the token and enter in into the form below:
? API Token: ****************************************
Updated the team settings in namespace jx
Error: creating the chrome client: timeout waiting for initial target
Please go to and click Show API Token to get your API Token
Then COPY the token and enter in into the form below:
? API Token: **********************************
Created user admin API Token for Jenkins server at
Your Kubernetes context is now set to the namespace: jx 
To switch back to your original namespace use: jx ns default
For help on switching contexts see:
To import existing projects into Jenkins:       jx import
To create a new Spring Boot microservice:       jx create spring -d web -d actuator
To create a new microservice from a quickstart: jx create quickstart

And here it is! Now you can even deep dive into the new Blue Ocean UI


Enjoy 🙂



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