Install Zookeeper in Oracle Kubernetes Engine aka OKE ;-) in 20 minutes

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If you don’t have one, first create a cluster. In the last version of the dashboard, you can find a new “QUICK CREATE” option that creates all the stuff from scratch easily.



Install helm following this link or in mac issue the following command:

brew install helm

Configure access to the cluster


Goto this page and follow instructions explained in there (helm chart), in short:

helm repo add bitnami 

helm install bitnami/zookeeper

Follow instructions for port forwardingInstall zkCli:, such as:

kubectl port-forward --namespace default svc/tufted-sheep-zookeeper 2181:2181

Install a client such as zkCli:

brew tap let-us-go/zkcli
brew install zkcli

Test it:

MacBook-Pro-de-javi:~ javiermugueta$ zkcli 

2018/11/08 00:03:40 Connected to

>> create /FirstZnode “Myfirstzookeeper-app”
Created /FirstZnode
>>> get /FirstZnode 1
cZxid = 0x6
ctime = Wed Nov 07 23:12:52 GMT 2018
mZxid = 0x6
mtime = Wed Nov 07 23:12:52 GMT 2018
pZxid = 0x6
cversion = 0
dataVersion = 0
aclVersion = 0
ephemeralOwner = 0x0
dataLength = 26
numChildren = 0

That’s it!

Enjoy 😉



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