Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Tools for Simple/No-That-Simple Backup/Restore of files in Object Storage

Oracle OCI provides, among other tools, a CLI, see here. OCI CLI download and setup can be found in the documentation or on github

Once you have the tool ready it is very easy to work with it.


Create a storage “bucket”:

oci os bucket create --name todaysbackup --compartment-id ocid1.compartment.oc1..aaaaaaaabi3huagfrq3lfmqvwkjoz625otxgrzbqte3et73kro5yqps32aoa

Note: Compartment-id is an internal name you can get from the cloud dashboard user interface as follows:




Click the link “Copy” near to the OCID of the compartment name you want to work with.

Upload files to bucket:

oci os object bulk-upload -bn todaysbackup --src-dir .


You have a bunch of options such as overwrite, no overwrite,… See documentation… From here you can build your own custom shell script or even use modern tools such as Terraform, Oracle DevCS and more…

Enjoy 😉

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