Health Check API Pattern for Cloud/NonCloud End to End Monitoring

You have a cloud stack with several subsystems such as databases, integration hub, containers, application servers and more…, and you’d like to be confident that the whole stack is running well and end users are not suffering any issues.

The Health Check API pattern can help you. Just expose an /health endpoint anywhere in your stack (for instance in an Oracle Application Container), secure it if necessary and implement a logic consisting in requesting resources to the other of stack components. For example if you have a database, a bus in the cloud and a bus on premises make the following:

  • expose a rest service in the database that queries an important table with where clause that doesn’t retrieve data
  • expose a rest/soap endpoint in your cloud bus that calls an important endpoint in your on-premises bus

Now, every time you request the /health endpoint you can retrieve an OK in case all the underlying subsystems called were fine or a KO plus an error message explaining which of the subsystems failed.

Execute periodically the /heath endpoint from your preferred mon storing engine for instance the opcHealth for iOS App, Oracle Management Cloud or other.

See also this post.

Enjoy 😉


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