Manage Files in Oracle Cloud Object Storage Classic Service from the Command Line

This approach allows you copy files from your Oracle PaaS or IaaS machines to object storage or vice versa. It is useful for backing up or restoring whatever stuff which is not backed up by the PaaS tools.

Install  swiftclient

sudo yum install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools
sudo pip install python-swiftclient

Issues with pip on Linux? follow this link

Set environment variables

Locate your Auth V1 Endpoint in the details page of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic Service

export ST_USER=Storage-<identitydomaingoeshere>:<usergoeshere>

export ST_AUTH=https://<identitydomaingoeshere>

export ST_KEY=<userpasswordgoeshere>

Execute commands

$ swift stat

$ swift stat PRUEBAS

$ echo "hola mundo" > holamundo.txt

$ swift upload PRUEBAS holamundo.txt

$ swift list PRUEBAS


Help resources

Blog entry for Solaris

swiftclient on github

Enjoy 😉

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