Enabling MFA (multi factor authentication) for Oracle Cloud accounts in less than 15 minutes

MFA is provided out of the box for all the new cloud accounts purchases. Let’s have a look at it:

Part A | configure the cloud side:

  1. Goto Oracle Cloud login (https://cloud.oracle.com)
  2. Login as administrator in your account (“classic” accounts doesn’t have this functionality available)mfa1
  3. Go to identity console, Security tab
  4. Select MFA and configure appropriate settingsmfa2
  5. Select MFA factors and set up at least the mobile application optionmfa4

Part B | end user tasks:

  1. As a cloud user go to the apple or android stores, search for “oracle mobile authenticator” and install in your deviceIMG_1675.PNG
  2. Log in oracle cloud as a user and follow in screen instructions mfa15
  3. Select MFA options, QR code appears at the bottom of the page mfa16
  4. Scan QR code (you can do it offline in case you suffer issues)
  5. You are done! Now, every time you try to access your account, you are prompted to insert a code that you can obtain in the authenticator app mfa13
  6. Last but not least, just let you know that Oracle Mobile Authenticator can be utilised for other providers as well…

Enjoy 😉

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