ElasticSearch in Ravello in 30 minutes

Create an application in Ravello from a clone:

I have two machines, k1 for elesticsearch (no ssh access), saltok for ssh with private key jump.


Installers & instructions:

ElasticSearch: https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch

cerebro: https://github.com/lmenezes/cerebro

fscrawler: https://github.com/dadoonet/fscrawler

Configure and Start ElasticSearch:

vi elasticsearch-6.0.0/config

transport.host: localhost

transport.tcp.port: 9300
elasticsearch-6.0.0/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack

Crawl a website into a directory:

wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -r -p --level 10 -E -e robots=off -U mozilla https://javiermugueta.wordpress.com

Configure fscrawler:

fscrawler-2.4/bin/fscrawler javi --loop 1 --rest --username elastic --upgrade

Edit config file (/home/oracle/.fscrawler/javi/_settings.json) and set index directory:


  "name" : "javi",

  "fs" : {

    "url" : "/oracle/javi",


Launch fscrawler:

fscrawler-2.4/bin/fscrawler javi --loop 1 --username elastic

Launch cerebro:


Connect to cerebro ui:



Make a query:

javi/_search?q=Almost every cloud should have its (i)PaaS


In addition I’ve crawled the whole www.intratext.com to a directory and indexed with fscrawler: more than 1,6 million docs indexed!


Enjoy 😉

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