Developing Rich User Experience Desktop/Mobile Solutions with Oracle JET

JET is the client-side JavaScript framework offered by Oracle. JET utilises de-facto standard technologies such as jQuery, jQueryUI, Knockout, Cordova and so on and allows creating rich and responsive HTML5 user interfaces with equal or less development effort than other frameworks.

JET coexists and integrate very well with the Oracle MW stack, Java, REST and related approaches such micro-services, soa, …, allowing to deploy in WebLogic and integrate with other Oracle products not only on-premises versions (OAM, OBIEE, ORDS/APEX, BPM, SOA, CONTENT) but also with cloud PaaS offering such as Process Cloud Service, Integration Cloud Service, Mobile Cloud Service, Documents Cloud, Identity Cloud Service, Internet of Things Cloud Service, … and is a perfect framework for customising Oracle SaaS offering for adapting Solutions to Customer needs.

And last but not least, JET projects fit perfectly in Oracle Developer Cloud Service for Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI & CD) and Agile PM.

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😉 Enjoy


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