Ravello or How Can You Speed Up Provissioning Environments for Acceptance Testing, Q&A, certification, R&D and more…

I’m involved in a project for a big financial company. The solution is technologically complex integrating a bunch of technologies such as business intelligence, business processes modeling, reporting, documents, ldap, single sign on, identity federation, relational database, html/javascript/kquery/knockout…

Initially, the solution was designed to be provisioned in Oracle Cloud because the timeline for the whole project was only 4 months. Imagine how to put toguether all the stuff I mentioned in such short TTM!! You’d better utilize an agile and cloud-oriented approach or basically you are died!!!


For several reasons the project is going to be deployed on Customer premises, thus the Q&A environment was not ready in time. For that reason we decided to utilize Ravelo Systems to create a test environment just uploading the VirtualBox vm’s that we had in the developement environment. In less than 2 hours you can upload a 5Ogb vm and in our particular case in only 2 days we got up&running 5 VM’s with all security configurations to keep the environment safe.


  • End users can perform acceptance testing in time while on-premises environments are installed and deployed with the business as usual approach
  • The created environment can be cloned easily giving the ability to create Q&A, certification or R&D environments in minutes!
  • This approach give us an idea of the diferences between the real costs of cloud computing approaches (less than 3$/hour  in my particular use case) against the huge costs of traditional strategies. Just one meeting to decide how to execute a sql script on-premises may involve 10 people during 2 hours wich costs near 600$. With that money you can run the cloud environment during 200 hours…

More info

Enjoy 😉

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