The Inventions of Dr. Franz from Copenhagen | Oracle IoT Cloud Service Use Cases: Mobile Black Box Part 1

IoT is sometimes a commonly hackneyed word, the new paradigm for many things. In this post series we’ll try to find several practical IoT application use cases.

This is inspired in “Los Inventos del Profesor Franz de Copenague” TBO* just in case the ideas shown here were below expectations… therefore consider the lack of originality/novelty in the inventions as a simple joke 😉


(*) Similar to USA comic “Inventions of Professor Lucifer Gorgonzola Butts” by Rube Goldberg


The idea of this invention is enabling the smartphone for registering/keeping safe the information captured by the device built-in sensors in critical moments when people is driving the car, motorbike, mountain-bike, crossing the crosswalk, …


A mobile application running in the device will start sending accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, pressure, voice and video data to Oracle IoT Cloud Service upon an event triggered when one or more sensor change their values dramatically, indicating an exceptional situation, for example:

  • when the accelerometer changes greater than a threshold indicating a heavy movement change
  • when the temperature is very high indicating fire
  • and so on

It’s likely that the device may be damaged after crash but at least the information registered so far will be kept safe in the Cloud.


Additional ingredients:

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Enjoy 😉


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