Embed/Integrate Oracle Content&Experience Cloud Service in your web/mobile apps

Oracle Content & Experience Cloud (formerly Documents Cloud + Sites Cloud) is a very productive, secure and ease to use set of tools for managing content and documents from anywhere with multiple devices putting all the data synced and kept safe in a centralized repository.

Today I’m gonna show you how easy is to integrate a Documents visual component in your apps.


  • If you don’t have one, Grab a Content & Experience Cloud Account here
  • HTML/JavaScript toolkit, for example JET

Follow email instructions to set up your account and get started using the web interface (in addition follow instructions in the web interface on how to set up your mobile or desktop client for IOS, Android, Windows or Mac in a few minutes).


Then create a nice user interface and put the following in an iframe:


The information in bold are parameters to gather from your own env

Now, as an administrator in [user]/Administration option you need to configure the remote client IP’s you allow for embedding the user interface as follows:


And here we have the resulting page:


All the funtionalities that the cloud service offers are exposed in your web app, and responsive! Resize your browser and see!


Of course, you have a complete REST API just in case you want to build your own component.

What else may you need? For better user sign on experience take a look to the possibilities that offers Identity Cloud Service

Enjoy 😉

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