From December 2016

Cloud Chronicles :: Is Cloud Adoption a Shadow IT Catalyst?

25 years ago Microsoft quickly expanded Visual Basic because the relative ease for building windows applications. I remember the problems that visual basic controls was producing in the corporate desktop computers of big companies because the incompatibilities beetween applications installed, most of them visual basic applications adquired directly by departaments. After that a more strong centralized approach emerged and stayed until now.

The lack of rapid time to market responses form IT to business departments is causing similar phenomenon, and we are observing that, again, business is taking the initiative  and centralized  IT is acting more reactive than proactive.

Life has many ups and downs…

Enjoy 😉

Docker robustness? Oracle/Sun invented zones in 2005…

The success of Docker is close related to DevOps paradigm, sure. Whatever invention that almost everyone accepts as the facto standard means that the invention is good. Developers have never been good friends of systems, databases, networks, firewalls, clusters, balancers,… for me that’s the key. Now developers are happy.

Anyway, almost always, hangover comes after the night party. Is Docker strong enough to run secure an reliable  in production?

The more robust Docker will become, the less light, quick, fun and easy will be, and after all, Solaris Zones is out of there since more than 10 years ago…

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