Saving money and protecting the planet: Diode lamps

I've recently take a look at the 15 years old halogen downlight lamps built-in the ceilings of my house. I counted up to 29 of them; they are 250V 50W halogen dichroic lamps. This lamps are installed typically in corridors, bathrooms, living room, reading/studying lamps,... The point is that you can find equivalent diode lamps … Continue reading Saving money and protecting the planet: Diode lamps

“Smart” Circuit Breaker Pattern

Intro The idea of this post is to provide a pattern that helps improve the performance of a complex information system that has very high cpu consumption and processing times. This pattern allows: Maximize system capacity allowing less DoS Reduce the number of long running requests Keep system more stable Normal circuit breaker user case … Continue reading “Smart” Circuit Breaker Pattern