Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service: The beginning of the end of a programming era

Visual programming in client/server technologies emerged more or less 25 years ago with an important degree of success, but the advent of web technologies pushed them to the background. But web technologies have been always evolving/changing with several different approaches such as java, html, struts, sprign, hibernate, javascript, jsf, adf,…

Nowadays the emerging of dozens of javascript based development toolkits are the consequence of a relative failure in the adoption of those java/web technologies for one main big reason: the huge cost of  development of the presentation layer.

More or less 5 years ago I was talking with my colleagues regarding the maturity of IT compared with other industries and I predicted that in 10 years the programmer role as we know today will evolve/change giving room for a new application assembler role more business focused and less technnical, narrowing the enormous breach existing between IT and the business, one of the most important aspects on IT adoption success.

Prodcts such as Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service are the sample that glimpses how applications will be built in the near future. With no code progamming and only with drag and drop and visual tools you can create an data application in minutes, believe me!

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Cloud paradigms are putting in place optimisations that are changing IT business in such a revolutionary way that we probably don’t realize at all the implications they really have.

Google for “citizen developer” and read articles like this




Enjoy 😉

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