Real Life Cloud Adoption Chronicles: Multi-Vendor/Hybrid Cloud

Small Companies are less resilient to cloud adoption because several reasons, in fact they normally must be more efficient executing their business while competing with big monster companies around this globalized word. Therefore their IT is more focused in business than in technology while big companies still today can afford to deep in technology adventures not fully aligned with their business core.

Having said that, the real situation we found is that Customers need a sort of cloud echosystem not only based in technical patterns such as “hybrid cloud”, the reality is that a coexistence between several cloud players is needed just because there are the facto cloud services that are leaders in their respective niches… think in your preffered worksheet, documents processor, databasse, ERP and so on.

Hence the following aspects, among others, are critial for a multivendor-hybrid cloud echosystem adoption:

  • Easy and secure configuration communications between cloud providers
  • Identity management solutions working in cooperation/federation mode
  • Industrialization of standardized integration patterns
  • Industrialization of standardized interoperation interfaces
  • Network bandwidth/latency improvements by carrier providers

Enjoy 😉

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