OTD in FMW 12.2.1

Now in FMW version 12.2.1 Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) is integrated with Entreprise Manager. OTD is a software balancer solution included in ExaLogic and Oracle Public Cloud PaaS offering such as JCS, SOACS, …

OTD allows internal load balancing between different FMW components such as OSB, BPM, WCP, WCC, MFT, … without the need to route internal traffic through the external LBR, hence improving performance by reducing latency as well as simplifying configuration and dependencies in network admistrator staff: the only configuration you’ll have to request to the F5 administrators is the pool of http servers.

From /em console you can create all OTD stuff such as listeners, proxies, server pools, failover groups, …:

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Monitoring features are included as well:

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Failover configuration and the rest of OTD features are also included in the new Alta look & feel:

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Read OTD licensing information regarding its utilization.

Enjoy 😉

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