Bandwidth control when transfering files with sftp/scp

OpenSSH doesn’t support bandwidth control (no -l option at all)

sftp -oIdentityFile=/home/oracle/mykey-open.ppk opc@12x.14x.2x.17x

On the other hand scp does have the -l option:

scp -l 400 -i /home/oracle/mykey-open.ppk fmw_12. opc@12x.14x.2x.17x:/home/opc

Please note that -l is informed in Kbits (400=50Kb/sec)


Setting -l after -i didn’t work for me

Renice is not a solution

If you ant to control individual bandwidth consumption using nice don’t loose your time, scheduler is far complex than that

[root@wcp12cr2 ~]# pgrep scp

[root@wcp12cr2 ~]# renice -n -20 -p 3176
3176: old priority -20, new priority -20

But individual processes doen’t seem to be affected, true because other aspects are in place such as i/0…

Enjoy šŸ˜‰

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