WebCenter Sites 12c Install & Quick Review

For this quick review, just for testing purposes, I have installed & configured WCSites 12c in an existing ORACLE_HOME and DOMAIN_HOME in wich I have previously installed WCContent 12c and WCPortal12c (all in 12.2.1) but I recommend to create a new fresh domain.

Now WCSites is installed as any other ORCL FMW software:

  • Install jdk
  • Install wls
  • Install wcsites
  • Execute rcu
  • Config the domain (config.sh)

Aditional configuration:


$DOMAIN_HOME/wcsites/bin/grant-opss-permission.sh (*)

Open a browser tab, go to http://sites-host:sites-port/sites/sitesconfig and follow up instructions. Here you are the screenshots:

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Configure LDAP(optional):

http://sites-host:sites-port/ldapconfig (you can revert the configuration with the same url)

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Small issue:

Add at the bottom of $MW_HOME/wcportal/common/lib/ESAPI.properties



Go to http://sites-host:sites-port/sites , log in as fwadmin and browse the Samples site, you will find util information regarding new features for developers.


In addition the “classic” Avisports” site is included as well if you install the examples.



WebCenter Sites can leverage a database to store its shared file system using the Java Nonblocking I/O (NIO) API. This eliminates the need for a network file share in a clustered environment and allows file locking to be handled by a Coherence cache. Out of the box, WebCenter Sites defaults to a disk-based shared file system (local or network). To move the shared file system to a database, complete the steps in this topic. Steps for reverting the process are also provided.

Very interesting developer features such as MVC Framework, REST, … here and more


  • WebCenter Sites Gadgets and Gadget Server
  • WebCenter Sites Native authentication in Community/Gadgets
  • WebCenter Sites Analytics 2.5
  • WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform – EMC Documentum
  • WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform Filesystem
  • WebCenter Sites Content Integration Platform Sharepoint
  • WebCenter Sites Janrain Integration
  • WebCenter Sites Netomat Mobility Server
  • SOAP-based web services
  • Page Debugger

Enjoy 😉

(*) I have an small issue that I fixed this way:


#/u01/Middleware/Oracle_Home/oracle_common/common/bin/wlst.sh /u01/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/wcc/wcsites/bin/grant-opss-permission.py $1 $2

/u01/Middleware/Oracle_Home/oracle_common/common/bin/wlst.sh /u01/Middleware/domains/wcc/wcsites/bin/grant-opss-permission.py $1 $2


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