Improve your WEBServices Consumer Apps Making WS Invocations in Parallel

If your application is calling several WS and there is no need to do it in serial, you can implement a multithreaded approach:

calling ws in parallel


Class1Service class1Service = new Class1Service();

        x = class1Service.getClass1Port();

        setWSTimeout(x); // esto lo veremos en la siguiente seccion

        class Task implements Callable<Object> {

             private Object result;

             public Object call() {

                  // compute result




                  catch (Exception e){



                  return result;



        Task c1 = new Task();

        Task c2 = new Task();

        ExecutorService exec = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(2);

        Future<Object> f1 = exec.submit(c1);

        Future<Object> f2 = exec.submit(c2);





        catch(Exception e){



Enjoy 😉

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