Limit Load in your Applications Configuring Oracle Traffic Director in Java Cloud Service

Every instance of JCS (Oracle Java Cloud Service) can be provisioned with OTD (Oracle Traffic Director). Oracle Traffic Director is a software load balancer that runs inside OPC (Oracle Public Cloud) or Oracle Engineered Systems such as SuperCluster or Exalogic. Having a LBR “inside” provides internal balancing mechanism avoiding the loss of performance and configuration complexity existing when you must load balance cluster backend servers with an external load balancer. Until now if you wanted to limit the load in your weblogic servers you needed to implement several mechanisms such as workmanagers, serverfilters, etc. OTD admin user interface provides Request Limits, a wizard that allows to configure request limits per virtual server. You can have a virtual server per application, therefore you can define different quality of service SLA’s for each application. In addition you can define rules to apply the limit based in url pattern matching.


Test it quickly setting a OTD Request Limit of 1 request per second and create a jMeter test plan with two threads requesting a page of a sample application deployed in WLS. otdrequeslimitsjmetertest1 You’ll notice that several requests are rejected with messase “The server is too busy to respond to your request. Please try again later.”


Enjoy 😉

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