The Green and Gamificated Gym in the BigData, Complex Event Processing and Internet of Things Era

Gamification ( can help have a heatlthy life in a green world.

In an spinning session every person is producing a power in a range of 100 to 250 or more Watts ( At the same time they are producing heat that increases the temperature of the room that must be cooled properly with the air conditioning system ( Lets have fun and save earth resources converting the hard work in green energy!


Stationary bikes have a mechanism for producing resistence either by mechanic friction or magnetic. Lets change the way to produce resistence by applying a dynamo ( to the byke. The resistance can now be be set using a regulator.

The electricity produced (direct current) can be converted to alternative current utilized by the climate system by means of inverters (

At the same time we can measure the electrical energy produced by each person utilizing sensors attached to a microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry PI. The measures are sent to an information system that registers the data using a technique called CEP (complex Event Processing, and then analyzed and passed to a Big Data system taht collects the information and finally is stored in a database.

In the gym we’ll put monitors showing the top “N” peole producing energy and a mobile application will show graphs for each individual.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Gym can make discounts in the fees according to energy produced by each person
  • Motivation
  • Fidelization
  • Cost savings in electricity bill for the gym
  • Carbon footprint reduction


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