Deploy an Oracle ALTA UI ADF Application to Oracle Java Cloud Service Dedicating More or Less One Hour of Your Time


This is a compilation of tutorials that aims to show how you can deploy a ready to run demo application built with the Oracle ALTA UI user interface look&feel.

You are creating a lot of infraestructure and software elements in a few clicks such as a database instance, a complete weblogic cluster ready to deploy java applications and with a load balancer on top. Provission times for OPC instances may vary from half an hour to a couple of hours more or less. You can dedicate this iddle time to prepare the next steps of the tutorial.

1-Download jDeveloper 12c from

2- Download Putty from and create public and provate keys as stated here

3- Create a DbCS instance with “backup to both” option (needed for JCS instance creation later on). See instructions here

4- Create storage container for JCS backup following or alternatively using this link

5- Create JCS instance following this link

6- Download WorkBetter Alta UI demo from

7- Open the application with jDeveloper and package it as EAR.

8- Deploy to JCS instance using Fussion Middleware Control



9- Test your deployment https://<yourpublicotdip>/WorkBetterFaces/faces/index such as (the link may not work in the future, demo account is being utilized courtesy of Oracle Corp)

Enjoy 😉


  1. Jolguk

    Hi. I’ve tried deploying it and am currently getting the error ‘Object HRService of type DataControl is not found.’ Do you need to configure a connection to the HR schema on the Cloud database? Thanks.


    1. javier mugueta

      The sample application does not use any database schema, I’ve checked the link in step 6 just in case it changed but it seems is still not using database. The project has got a datacontrol called HRService but it is created from POJOs in the model project. Have you tried to execute the app in the embedded weblogic in jDeveloper?


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