From July 2015

Limit Load in your Applications Configuring Oracle Traffic Director in Java Cloud Service

Every instance of JCS (Oracle Java Cloud Service) can be provisioned with OTD (Oracle Traffic Director). Oracle Traffic Director is a software load balancer that runs inside OPC (Oracle Public Cloud) or Oracle Engineered Systems such as SuperCluster or Exalogic. Having a LBR “inside” provides internal balancing mechanism avoiding the loss of performance and configuration complexity existing when you must load balance cluster backend servers with an external load balancer. Until now if you wanted to limit the load in your weblogic servers you needed to implement several mechanisms such as workmanagers, serverfilters, etc. OTD admin user interface provides Request Limits, a wizard that allows to configure request limits per virtual server. You can have a virtual server per application, therefore you can define different quality of service SLA’s for each application. In addition you can define rules to apply the limit based in url pattern matching.


Test it quickly setting a OTD Request Limit of 1 request per second and create a jMeter test plan with two threads requesting a page of a sample application deployed in WLS. otdrequeslimitsjmetertest1 You’ll notice that several requests are rejected with messase “The server is too busy to respond to your request. Please try again later.”


Enjoy 😉

The Green and Gamificated Gym in the BigData, Complex Event Processing and Internet of Things Era

Gamification ( can help have a heatlthy life in a green world.

In an spinning session every person is producing a power in a range of 100 to 250 or more Watts ( At the same time they are producing heat that increases the temperature of the room that must be cooled properly with the air conditioning system ( Lets have fun and save earth resources converting the hard work in green energy!


Stationary bikes have a mechanism for producing resistence either by mechanic friction or magnetic. Lets change the way to produce resistence by applying a dynamo ( to the byke. The resistance can now be be set using a regulator.

The electricity produced (direct current) can be converted to alternative current utilized by the climate system by means of inverters (

At the same time we can measure the electrical energy produced by each person utilizing sensors attached to a microcontroller such as Arduino or Raspberry PI. The measures are sent to an information system that registers the data using a technique called CEP (complex Event Processing, and then analyzed and passed to a Big Data system taht collects the information and finally is stored in a database.

In the gym we’ll put monitors showing the top “N” peole producing energy and a mobile application will show graphs for each individual.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Gym can make discounts in the fees according to energy produced by each person
  • Motivation
  • Fidelization
  • Cost savings in electricity bill for the gym
  • Carbon footprint reduction


Book Review: “The Calorie Myth: How to Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, and Live Better”

I bought this book because I saw it in a library store a couple of days before I was performed a surgical meniscus arthroscopy. As the tittle states, the book is very clear with the following:

  • reduction of carbohydrates ingestion, whole grain starch and sugars
  • be more relaxed regarding fat ingestion
  • feel the plate with vegetables (better raw, the greener color the better)
  • practice sports that increase resistance
  • stop counting calories
  • satisfy your stomach, don’t get hungry
  • the less processed is the food the better
  • the more nutrients in food the better

Honestly, I prefer go on counting calories, but I have started to test this approach because my conditions for running are now limited.

This a interesting book for general people, in fact the author is very critic with USDA, but taking a look to the latest release of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans has recommendations in the same direction:

The overall body of evidence examined by the 2015 DGAC identifies that a healthy dietary pattern is higher in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low- or non-fat dairy, seafood, legumes, and nuts; moderate in alcohol (among adults), lower in red and processed meats, and low in sugar-sweetened foods and drinks and refined grains

Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

Deploy an Oracle ALTA UI ADF Application to Oracle Java Cloud Service Dedicating More or Less One Hour of Your Time


This is a compilation of tutorials that aims to show how you can deploy a ready to run demo application built with the Oracle ALTA UI user interface look&feel.

You are creating a lot of infraestructure and software elements in a few clicks such as a database instance, a complete weblogic cluster ready to deploy java applications and with a load balancer on top. Provission times for OPC instances may vary from half an hour to a couple of hours more or less. You can dedicate this iddle time to prepare the next steps of the tutorial.

1-Download jDeveloper 12c from

2- Download Putty from and create public and provate keys as stated here

3- Create a DbCS instance with “backup to both” option (needed for JCS instance creation later on). See instructions here

4- Create storage container for JCS backup following or alternatively using this link

5- Create JCS instance following this link

6- Download WorkBetter Alta UI demo from

7- Open the application with jDeveloper and package it as EAR.

8- Deploy to JCS instance using Fussion Middleware Control



9- Test your deployment https://<yourpublicotdip>/WorkBetterFaces/faces/index such as (the link may not work in the future, demo account is being utilized courtesy of Oracle Corp)

Enjoy 😉

BPM User Tasks Assigned to Groups Doesn’t Appear in my CustomWorkListApp

Should you have adquired tasks in your BPM instances that the user didn’t released beacuse abrupt window closing or software implementaion issues/faillures maybe you are querying the BPM engine only for tasks asigned to the group or yourself (me and my group).

BPM has a default configuration of 3 days for task AutoRelease that you can change (see official documentation or

Anyway, a good idea is making “world class” software by giving end user as much information as possible in order to help resolve issues in a more intuitive way. In this particular case you could query the BPM engine not only for assigned tasks but others such as adquired by others, failled, etc. Is the way the standard worklist app does.