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Facing NoClassDefFoundError in WebLogic 12C

IHAC who developed an Angular JS to be deployed in WLS12.1.2. Life was good until someone noticed that this application must include Oracle BPM 11g client library bpmservices11.1.1.7.jar to connect successfully to a SOA/BPM infra.

The problem is that BPM api doesn’t work in a fresh WLS12C domain you need to install OPSS services included in JRF support libraries and extend the domain. Test with the sample “bpmapitestenwls12c” app included in this blog entry. This has the following consequences:

  • You need to configure a database repository for OPSS
  • The classpath is modified substantially
  • The AngularJS application doesn’t deploy successfully

ANALYSIS USING LibConflicts SAMPLE APP AND WebLogic ClassLoader Analysis Tool (CAT)

In progress



In progress


LibConflicts sample app

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Oracle Developer Cloud Service for Multi Vendor Developement Ecosystem

I’m currently working in a big project for a big telco. In this project, the development phase is outsourced in several providers working on site and remote. This approach has several challenges regarding the governance of the ecosystem.


Oracle Developer Cloud service provides the following advantages:

  • Cloud service, accessible for everyone, everywhere at any time
  • No setup costs, change CAPEX to OPEX, hourly or monthly rates. Easy to calculate the costs for each provider
  • Centralized Git repo integrated with the IDE’s jDeveloper12C, NetBeans and Eclipse
  • Centralized Maven repo
  • Builds based in Hudson but with an easy to use user interface to configure builds based in Ant and Maven, no learning curve for developers to configure Hudson or Jenkins
  • Secure, https access
  • Centralized Identity Self Service for managing users and provileges
  • Wiky pages
  • Issues tracking
  • Merge requests management and workflow
  • Deploy

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Enjoy 😉

Upload files to Oracle Storage Cloud Service, Java basic example

Obtain connection information in your OPC subscription page:
Download Oracle Storage Cloud SDK:
Create a java Class with the following code:

package storageupload;





import java.util.*;


public class UploadingSegmentedObjects {

   public static void main(String[] args) {

       try {

           CloudStorageConfig myConfig = new CloudStorageConfig();





           CloudStorage myConnection = CloudStorageFactory.getStorage(myConfig);


           if ( myConnection.listContainers().isEmpty() ){



           FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(“C:\\temp\\hello.txt”);

           myConnection.storeObject(“myContainer”, “C:\\temp\\hello.txt”, “text/plain”, fis);

           fis = new FileInputStream(“C:\\temp\\hello.txt”);

           myConnection.storeObject(“myContainer”, “C:\\temp\\hello1.txt”, “text/plain”, fis);

           fis = new FileInputStream(“C:\\temp\\hello.txt”);

           myConnection.storeObject(“myContainer”, “C:\\temp\\hello2.txt”, “text/plain”, fis);

           List myList = myConnection.listObjects(“myContainer”, null);

           Iterator it = myList.iterator();

           while (it.hasNext()) {



       } catch (Exception e) {





Test  it and enjoy! 😉

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