Comparing jdbc-thin versus jdbc-oci


An OEL Dropbox VM macchine running on Intel i5 laptop 8Gb RAM 250 Gb SAS disk

The VM is the “Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine 12c” located here

The VM is configured with 6810MB and 3 vcpus


Here the link to the java project utilized for the test

Here a shell script sample

Here test data sample

Here sql DDL/DML data sample


The test repeats a connection/select-fetch/disconnect pattern the specified number of tries.

The test has been run with different table row sizes, ant he response patter is always simillar.


The following chart shows the response times, jdbc-oci takes near 20% more time in average.

jdbc thin-oci comp

Please note that this results can’t be extrapolated to results obtained in native OCI implementations.


This results are only for demonstration purposes and haven’t been verified.

The test equipment haven’t been optimized nor tuned.

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